Vanessa Marlowe SAG/AFTRA



         (818) 826-9892                                                                                                                          



Cinemacoma                                                        Diana                                     Arachnids W/ Pistolas Productions

Jokes That Kill                                                     Rosebud (Lead)                   Wild Iris Productions

Love and Movies                                                 Sarah                                     NYFA

Used Bookstore                                                    Cashier                                  NYU


Web Series

My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours                Office Ice Queen                 (Director) Marlene Rhein



 Cottonelle Bathroom Banter (Episode 3)      Joanne

The Most Difficult Job In the World                Applicant                              (Director) Alfredo De Villa




Eros                                                                        Athena                                   Hollywood Fringe Festival                

A Room In Coney                                                 Ellie                                        First Stage

Garden of Ashes                                                  Rachel                                   First Stage

Reports of My Death…                                       Cassie                                    First Stage            

Pants Optional                                                    Host & various roles           Second City T.C. (L.A.)

Playwrights’ Festival (2008-2010)                 Various Roles                       First Stage

Saint Joan                                                            Joan of Arc                           Yogi Berra Theatre             

Chopin                                                                  Maria                                     Yogi Berra Theatre


Clubs (Stand Up)

New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live, Stand Up New York, Boston Comedy Club, Underground Lounge, Rascal’s, Uncle Floyd’s, The Comedy Store, etc.



Technique                                                             Rasa Allan Kazlas                               H.B. Studios

Scene Study                                                          Rasa Allan Kazlas                               H.B. Studios

Monologues                                                          Sanford Morris                                     H.B. Studios

Improvisation                                                      Ian Marshall                                         H.B. Studios

                                                                Richard Kuhlman                                                Second City T.C. L.A.

                                                                                Amy Seeley                                          Second City T.C. L.A.        

                                                                                Marc Warzecha                                   Second City T.C. L.A.

                                                                                David Razowsky                                 Second City T.C. L.A.

Movement                                                            Fred Timm                                            H.B. Studios                        

Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop                                  Hatchett, Chio, Brown                       Broadway Dance

Theatre                                                                  Munro                                                    Broadway Dance

House                                                                    Green                                                     Broadway Dance


Special Skills

Good ear for accents and cartoon voices.  Conversational Spanish.  Lifeguard, softball, horseback riding, (Western) bicycling, drive, (automatic) wrestling, cooking, reading, writing, caring for children and animals.